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Matthew Petroleum Notes

STI (Steel Tank Institute) Qualifications

Who are STI?

The STI (Steel Tank Institute) are a smaller US organisation dealing predominantly with the inspection shop-fabricated above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), portable containers and small field-erected tanks. These tanks may not necessarily be of circular section so this complements the approach of API 653 Storage Tanks which covers larger above-ground circular tanks.

Their main certification activity of relevance is the STI SP001 AST Inspector Certification. There is also one on cathodic protection (CP)

The STI SP001 certification programme

This is based on the STI’s published tank inspection standard SP001 and its referenced standards. It is used in the USA to satisfy statutory requirements periodic inspection of tanks. Getting STI SP001 certification involves a 5-day course and exam, plus you have to meet the usual eye test and employment reference requirements.

If you already have the API 653 Tank Inspector Certification then you just have to do an online ‘adjunct’ course.

How useful is the STI SP001 certification?

It’s worth having a look at the content of the SP001

  • STI fabrication standards
  • Corrosion basics
  • Inspection techniques (visual, UT, PT etc)
  • Defect acceptance criteria
  • Regulatory requirements (in the USA)
  • Fire codes such as NFPA 30
  • Venting/piping/vapour recovery /level monitoring
  • Electrical safety

SP001 doesn’t go into as much detail as the large API 653 Body of Knowledge. It hasn’t obtained huge recognition outside the USA but it is all good integrity-related stuff if you are involved specifically in small tank inspection in for example, chemical works, breweries etc. If you already have API 653 Certification then it is well worth doing the online SP001 adjunct course.

You can see details on the STI website

For details of the API 653 Tank Inspector Certification see our linked API Certifications page

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