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Matthew Petroleum Notes

Boiler Inspector Certifications

Shell boiler

Why are boilers different?

In reality, boilers are not that much different from other types of elevated temperature pressure equipment. They have additional damage mechanisms (DMs) introduced from the firing or other combustion process but apart from that; the DMs for the unfired pressure parts are much the same. API RP 571 Damage Mechanisms is a useful document, covering most of the DMs you are likely to find in boilers.

 Boilers tend to have different design/construction codes to unfired pressure equipment. Part of the reason for this is historical precedent; most pressure system regulations around the world started as a response to the problem of exploding boilers. Early standards were introduced by insurance companies to help limit their losses.


Boiler new construction (source) inspection

There is a clear divide between construction codes for factory-assembled shell-type (package) boilers and larger site-assembled power generation boilers. Organisations such as ASME and the National Board (NBBPVI) run certification schemes for inspectors.

Power Generation Boiler

Boiler in-service inspection

This is less well-controlled than new-construction inspection. Practices vary widely around the world and many countries have no inspector certification requirement at all.

Boiler operations

The UK has is a specific boiler operation qualification run by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) .It is not inspection-orientated but covers operational aspects such as water treatment, safe operation, energy efficiency, environmental control, automatic and remote control.


Call us for specific information

Boiler inspector certification requirements vary widely. If you have a specific query please call us with the individual details of your query and we should be able to help you.

For training courses on API RP571 Damage Mechanisms see

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