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ASNT Qualifications

Who are ASNT?

The American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) is the main US organisation for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel and claims to be the largest NDT-based society in the world.

Its ‘headline’ document is Recommended Practice. SNT-TC-1A: Personnel Qualification and Certification in Non-destructive Testing. This gives guidelines for employers to establish in-house certification programs for the qualification and certification of their NDT personnel and is used as the baseline requirement by most of the NDT companies in the integrity industry.

The ASNT certification programmes

As part of its structure it references several specific certification ‘programs’

The ASNT NDT Level II certification program. This gives examination guidelines for employers to use to certificate their own NDT personnel. There are two types of exams covering general and specific NDT techniques. It gives compliance with SNT-TC-1A.

  • The ASNT NDT Level III program provides information for third-party certification NDT personnel i.e. not done by the employers themselves. It started in 1977 and is well recognised worldwide personnel who achieve certification under the Level III program results receive the ASNT certificate and wallet card attesting to the fact that the certificate holder has met the published guidelines in SNT-TC-1A.
  • The ASNT ACCP (Central Certification Program) Level II involves General, Specific, Practical, and Instruction Preparation examinations in five NDT methods (MT, PT, RT, UT and VT). The ACCP program provides a central certification system for NDT Level II personnel that meets or exceeds the training, experience and examination requirements of US standard CP-106: NDT–Qualification and Certification of Personnel. The purpose of developing this document was to provide an American National Standard that would incorporate the provisions of ISO 9712 while also recognizing the US way of doing things. There is also an ACCP Level III program.
  • The ARRSP program (Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel) is there to provides third-party radiation safety certification that meets the certification requirements of specific US Code Federal Requirements (CFRs) and other regulations. There are three examinations for X-ray, Gamma and combined radiography sources.

How do I get ASNT certified?

To attain any of these certifications you have to pass a computer-based exam organised by ASNT’s exam contractor. To learn the material, you can either attend the relevant training course offered by training providers, or so it yourself by self-study. The bodies of knowledge for each are shown on the ASNT website

How useful are ASNT certifications?

They are just about essential if you want to do NDE work in the USA or Canada. In the many countries that do not follow the US system, ASNT qualification are one, of several, useful ways to demonstrate NDE competence. Other programmes are run by PCN  in the UK and AINDT  in Australia

NDE Upskilling

If you are interested in upskilling from pure NDE to a wider plant integrity role read our article NDE upskilling: mid-career lane-changing then try the NDE upskilling knowledge quiz  and see how you do. 

Can we help you further?


If you want to check your knowledge for a specific job role in the integrity industry then try our trial technical interview.  Its purpose is to test you on the technical aspects of the job you are thinking of applying for.  There's no time limit on it but expect it to last at least 20 minutes.  After the discussion we'll give you honest feedback on how you did.  Just let us know the type of position you are going for; we'll do the rest and respond with at time slot for you to call us.

There's no charge, but we will expect you to call us at the allocated time and be ready to answer technical questions.

Remember your trial interview is on a purely technical subjects.  We are not interested in you personality traits, do-gooding activities or any wonderful extra-curricular interests you may have.

Technical Interview


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