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API Certifications
The API Individual Certificate Programmes (ICP)

API certificate examinations

API certificate examinations come under the general banner of the API Individual Certificate Programmes (ICP). This is an expanding suite of examinations servicing the inspection/integrity part of the engineering industry.


The API ICP scope

The list below shows the full scope of the API ICP examinations for 2018 onwards. At any time the current list of ICP programmes is shown on  The main ones of interest to inspectors in the mechanical integrity industry worldwide are:

  • API 510 – Pressure vessel inspector
  • API 570 – Piping inspector
  • API 653 – Aboveground storage tanks inspector
  • API 1169 – Pipeline inspector
  • API SIFE – Source inspector fixed equipment
  • API SIRE – Source inspector rotating equipment


Supplementary certificates which are also useful are:

  • API 571 – Corrosion and materials professional
  • API 577 – Welding inspection and metallurgy professional
  • API 580 – Risk based inspection professional
  • API 936 – Refractory personnel

Other supplementary certificates (mainly of interest in the USA are)

  • API TES – Tank entry supervisor
  • API QUTE – Qualification of ultrasonic testing examiners (detection)
  • API QUPA - Qualification of ultrasonic testing examiners (phased array)
  • API QUSE - Qualification of ultrasonic testing examiners (sizing)
  • API IA-Q1 – Internal auditor Q1
  • API IA-Q2 – Internal auditor Q2
  • API A-Q1 – Auditor Q1
  • API A-Q2 – Auditor Q2
  • API LA-Q1 – Lead auditor Q1
  • API LA-Q2 – Lead auditor Q2

Some notes on API ICP exams

Note these general features of these API (ICP) exams.

  • API exams are not for beginners. They are not really aimed at trainees or new entrants to industry.
  • API imposes entry requirements for candidates wishing to register for many of the examinations.
  • API examinations are difficult – owing mainly to the long scope of the published body of knowledge (BoK) that forms the source material for each exam category. For some this can amount to 1500+ pages of published codes and recommended practice (RP) materials.
  • API examinations (as their name suggests) are written in US style, based on US codes, practices and examination style. This is consistent in itself, but can differ significantly from that used in other parts of the world. This is an important point which (depending on your background) may have a real effect on your ability to understand the programme material and pass the exam.

Registering for API exams

There is no compulsory training required for candidates who wish to sit for any of the API ICP exams. In theory, to become certified as an API certified inspector, all you have to do is apply to API, meet their acceptance criteria, book your exam (lasting between 3 and 7 hours depending on which ICP you are attempting) and then pass it.

It is each candidate’s individual responsibility to pay and register for the API examination for the exam windows scheduled throughout the year. This is done via the websites of API ( and their exam site contractor, Prometric (

API Exams not easy

API exam preparation training

Some lucky candidates can pass API exams without any training but, for most, unless you have full familiarity with the relevant codes you are unlikely to pass the exam and will need to prepare for the examination by enrolling on a training course.  The training course will teach you about the subject matter covered, test you using mock exams and so on, and prepare you to take the API exam.

For proven API training with a 90%+ first-time pass rate contact Wilkinson Coutts Training . The company is based in the UK and Australia and carries out public and in-house courses worldwide using their experienced API trainers.



How useful are API ICP certifications?

They are pretty much essential if you want to get work doing inspection work in the USA or Canada. A few other countries prefer their own alternative certification schemes but API certifications are becoming increasingly accepted in most other countries worldwide as the benchmark of competence for integrity inspectors.



Can we help you further?

Yes, if you have any particular questions about API ICP programmes then contact us on our email or telephone service.

Try the sample exam questions for API 510,570,653 and SIFE on our technical quiz pages.

If you want to check whether your current knowledge and job role fits in with API ICP Certifications then we will be pleased to assist you with our trial technical interview service.

For API ICP training contact Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training at


If you want to check your knowledge for a specific job role in the integrity industry then try our trial technical interview.  Its purpose is to test you on the technical aspects of the job you are thinking of applying for.  There's no time limit on it but expect it to last at least 20 minutes.  After the discussion we'll give you honest feedback on how you did.  Just let us know the type of position you are going for; we'll do the rest and respond with at time slot for you to call us.

There's no charge, but we will expect you to call us at the allocated time and be ready to answer technical questions.

Remember your trial interview is on a purely technical subjects.  We are not interested in you personality traits, do-gooding activities or any wonderful extra-curricular interests you may have.

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