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AICIP Certifications (Australia)

Who are AICIP?

The Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP) is the body that controls the certification of pressure equipment inspectors in Australia. They are recognised by all the Australian states and tailor their activities to the various statutory regulations (called WorkCover/Worksafe) and Australian pressure equipment standards. See their website

The AICIP certification programmes

This is a very straightforward system covering boilers, pressure vessels and piping as a single scope with two levels of inspector certification;

In-Service Inspector

Three separate exam papers (closed book) over 3 hours

Paper A – Prerequisite – General inspection
Paper B – Application – Inspection practice for specific types of pressure equipment
Paper E – Practical – Candidates are required to complete an inspection in a ‘real-life’ scenario.

Senior In-Service Inspector.

Two separate exam papers (closed book)

Paper C – Calculations- 1.5 hours
Paper D – Management- 2 hours

Wilkinson CouttsThere are no prerequisites, prior qualifications, compulsory training and/or experience specified for these exams. However, AICIP state that candidates with insufficient industry experience will have difficulty passing papers B and E

AICIP does not conduct training courses so you need to go to commercial training providers if you require a training course.See

How useful are AICIP certifications?

They are just about essential if you want to do inspection work in Australia as they are recognised by the statutory authorities there. The programme is good quality and well proven but has not achieved much recognition outside Australia and a few parts of South East Asia.

API qualifications in Australia

Many inspectors who work outside Australia as well as within it like to obtain API Inspector Certificates as well as AICIP. Global oil & gas companies within Australia are increasingly recognising API certificates (vessels, pipework, overland pipelines, tanks and source inspection) as having a wider scope than the AICIP programme.

AINDT Certifications

For NDT, rather than plant inspection certifications,The Australian Institute of NDT (AINDT) is well recognised internationally. Its accreditation is based on the requirements of ISO17024 and so has influence on the qualifications of personnel throughout Australia and some parts of the SE Asia They offer personnel certification for NDT and condition (vibration) monitoring. Details on the AINDT website

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