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Try these four questions to test your appreciation of the differences between the roles of new construction (source) inspector and in-service inspector of pressure equipment. You can find the answers, with their explanations via the link at the end but have a careful go at the questions first before looking at the answers.

Q1. Inspection codes

Both new-construction (source) inspections and in-service inspections of pressure equipment involve published codes of some sort. Which of these published documents is not a code that would normally be used during an in-service inspection?

b) ASME B31.3
c) API 1104
d) API 579

Q2. Source inspections of pressure equipment

Which of the following code documents would you use for specifying the welding activities of welded repairs to an ASME B31.3 process pipework system following the discovery of corrosion during an in-service inspection?

d) API 1104

Q3. Inspection career changes

It’s getting more difficult. Which of these integrity industry career paths would you consider the most likely to see?

a) An in-service inspector of refinery equipment becoming a refinery manager
b) A source inspector of air receivers becoming an offshore in-service inspector
c) A plant designer becoming an inspector of any type
d) An in-service inspector on a refinery becoming a source inspector for small pressure plant

Q4. The depth of technical knowledge required

Be careful with this final question, you have to think carefully about it.

Think of the source (new construction) and subsequent in-service inspection of a ASME VIII-1 pressure vessel (MDMT -20/+100 degC, MAWP 20barG in cyclic service) for use on an onshore refinery plant.

Question: Which one of these statements would you say is the most true about the job of inspecting this vessel?

a) You don’t need to understand the ASME VIII construction codeif you are just doing in-service inspections.
b) Source (new construction) inspection needs more engineering experience because you have to assess design aspects.
c) Many source inspectors are not specifically certificated for that job
d) Most in-service inspectors are not specifically certificated for that job

Perhaps not as easy as you thought? Check out The Answers and see how you did. If you have any queries about them, then give us a call.

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