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Matthew Petroleum Notes


Try these five questions to test your appreciation of the differences between the role of the 'small plant surveyor’ role and other inspection roles. Remember, there’s only one correct answer to each question. You can find the answers, with their explanations via the link at the end but have a careful go at the questions first before looking at the answers.

Q1. Small plant inspections

Periodic in-service inspections of small pressure plant such as coffee boilers, autoclaves, industrial heating boilers etc in the UK are normally carried out because?

a) The equipment is particularly susceptible to serious corrosion
b) It is a specific requirement of the equipment’s insurance policy
c) It is a legal requirement
d) It is a specific requirement of the insurance policy for the building the equipment is in

Q2. The small plant inspector role

When a small plant surveyor does an in-service inspection of, say, a 4-post vehicle lift, who performs any mechanical work necessary to enable the inspection to be performed e.g. bypassing any alarms and trips or making adjustments to brakes etc?

a) The surveyor themselves
b) A sub-contractor instructed by the surveyor
c) No-one; there is no mechanical work required as the inspections are just visual
d) The plant owner. The inspector has to persuade them to do it

Q3. The small plant inspector job

As a small pressure plant surveyor which published in-service inspection codes would you be expected to work to most?

a) ASME and API post construction codes (PCCs)
b) British or European (EN) codes
c) None
d) Those supplied by the plant owner.

Q4. The small plant surveyor job

As a small plant surveyor which of these will best describe the technical scope of your job?

a) You will gain experience in lots of different plant items
b) You will inspect very similar equipment, week after week
c) The job will push your technical capabilities to its limit
d) You will only be allowed to inspect one specific type of equipment

Q5. The small plant surveyor job

On average, as a small pressure plant surveyor how much time will you be given to spend on each inspection?

a) 30-60 minutes
b) 2-4 hours
c) 4-6 hours, with a nice break for lunch
d) As long as is needed to do the job

Check out The Answers and see how you did. If you have any queries about them, then give us a call.

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