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Wilkinson Coutts & Matthews Integrity Training

Who are we?

WILKINSON COUTTS / MATTHEWS INTEGRITY HUB: an up-to-the-minute information mix designed to help you with your lifework and career development in the asset integrity, inspection and NDE industries.

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Are you interested in being a TRAINER in inspection/integrity subjects? Read the recruitment requirements of WILKINSON COUTTS TRAINING Ltd

At Wilkinson Coutts we are growing fast to present an expanding wide range of subjects based around the topics of mechanical plant integrity. Our scope of exam preparation and technical courses include:

  • API Cert exam courses: 510/570/653/571/580/936 and a new API 1169 Pipeline inspector course
  • New API Source inspector fixed (SIFE) and rotating equipment (SIRE) inspection exam courses
  • ASME plant inspector exam courses
  • AICIP (Australia) inspection cert exam courses
  • Pressure test safety and supervisor training courses
  • Fitness-for-purpose (FFP) evaluation to API 579 and DNV RP-103
  • Pressure equipment repairs to API and ASME PCC-2 codes
  • Visual inspection for offshore on onshore plant
  • Damage mechanisms in process and refinery plant
  • EMUA 231, PSSR and API code implementation
  • Code design familiarisation to ASME
  • Shell and power boiler inspection, evaluation and life assessment
  • New courses on UAV and robotic inspection interpretation

We also have a large range of inspection training modules that are presented to in-house course clients in different combinations

With such a large course range we always need to add to our group of technical trainers. These topics span a range of technical and academic abilities so we are interested in trainers who can cover specific areas in which they feel comfortable. We utilise both full-time and contract staff but all work to specific requirements and performance targets

The benefits we offer

We are looking for the best trainers so we offer the best benefits in the market for the right people

Transparent salary and contract rates: we aim to offer the best trainer rates in the integrity business, for the best people

  • Business class air travel; for business class performance.
  • No-quibble advance expenses payments; you will never be left out of pocket
  • Trainer bonus scheme for delegate referrals and repeat business obtained as a result of your training efforts
  • Guaranteed contract commitment: For our contract trainers we agree a minimum and /or maximum contracted input over a year, based on your and our requirements. We stick to our commitments and expect you to stick to yours. This allows us to schedule, plan and staff our courses in the most efficient way.
  • Funded attendance on seminars and events in your chosen training scope area


Our Performance Targets

The Wilkinson Coutts training style is built around self-confidence and technical flexibility. We do not use a ‘read from your slides’ style so our trainers need to understand fully the topics they are teaching and be able to provide high levels of engagement with course delegates.

We place high value on the commercial confidentiality of our training materials. Whilst it is acceptable for our trainers to have other consultancy or technical work outside training, when acting in a training capacity, we require our trainers work under exclusive contract to ourselves. We do not engage trainers who wish to work for other training companies as well as ourselves.

We have specific requirements so don’t necessarily require that you come to us with previous training experience. If you bring the enthusiasm and commitment to learn, we will teach you in the application of our methods.

Our Train-The -Trainer Programme

We offer a training programme, without charge, for suitable people working in the integrity industry who are interested in becoming a Wilkinson Coutts technical trainer. It works like this:

  • Application; you contact us and express an interest
  • Initial telephone interview; we contact you and discuss your potential and how it might fit our requirements. The emphasis is on discussing the scope of your technical knowledge and the technical areas in which you would like to become a trainer.
  • Initial meeting. In most cases we will come to you but if not, we will meet any travel expenses that you incur. We discuss your technical expertise, career aims and how much time commitment you can offer to us as a trainer. We are looking for your potential to bring enthusiasm and commitment to being a trainer and adapting to the knowledge base and style of our courses. You will also have the opportunity to review the types of contract arrangements we offer.
  • Visit to our training course; We invite you on a full-day visit to witness a Wilkinson Coutts training course in action. We will get you engaged in some technical discussions with course delegates so you can get a feel for how we work.
  • Preparation session: This will be a half-day session in which we will introduce you to the techniques of teaching a technical topic we have agreed and prepare you for a trial teaching session at a future scheduled course. You will have time between the session and the course to consolidate your knowledge and preparation.
  • Trial lecturing session: You will accompany us to a scheduled training course and present one training session (typically 2 hours duration) under supervision. Following the session, we will provide you with feedback and a report of how you did.
  • Training build-up programme. If we both wish to proceed we will develop a training plan to get you fully up to speed with the technical training scope we have agreed. We will look to improve your self-confidence and flexibility and bring out the best of your training abilities. This will include a 2-day Train-the-trainer course with existing Wilkinson Coutts trainers.
  • Once proficient in training your core subjects we will discuss with you ways of widening your training scope using a gradual build-up of monitored and independent training assignments. We expect you to want to increase your training scope over time, not stay static, and we will help you do this.



If you are interested in discussing becoming a trainer at Wilkinson Coutts then get in touch, and we start the necessary discussions with you. We can promise you that you will find it more challenging than working for other training companies, but we will teach you to a level that others won’t, and our commitment is to pay the best rates and benefits for those people who can meet our high-performance standards.

Contact Paul or Craig via email or telephone numbers on our website