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Wilkinson Coutts & Matthews Integrity Training

Who are we?

WILKINSON COUTTS / MATTHEWS INTEGRITY HUB: an up-to-the-minute information mix designed to help you with your lifework and career development in the asset integrity, inspection and NDE industries.

Matthew Petroleum Notes


Our approach

We are a service industry, so our approach is that we provide a service. Previous work for large training companies has shown us that it’s often the convenience of the training company itself that is given greatest priority, rather than that of the customer. We don’t like that philosophy, or believe that it is good for business either.

Wilkinson Coutts trainers

Our Trainers’ Experience

Unlike many training companies, we don’t just use any contract trainer who comes to us and says they can present our course material. When you, the customer faces one of our trainers, you can be sure that we’ve selected them specially for the task in hand.

We select our trainers on their ability and willingness to answer all relevant questions that training delegates ask, not just read off the course material. We invite delegates to ask technical questions at all times, and gauge the quality of the responses we provide.

Our technical scope

We prepare, own and present all our own course material; no-one else has it, or can present it. We don’t provide courses through other training organisations, multi-course agents, franchisees or website training bucket-shops. We are delighted to leave that approach to others.

Our technical scope covers most subjects related to the inspection and integrity of engineering plant. This includes static pressure equipment, structural components and rotating equipment of some types. We take pride in our trainers’ knowledge of the technical codes and standards relevant to the subjects we teach. This is particularly the case for code-based courses such as ASME and API certificate exam preparation. [LINK]

Our Teaching methods

As a company we do not follow the ‘death by slide presentation’ approach to training so commonly used by some training companies. We don’t think it works well in teaching people.

We structure just about all our courses around interactive discussions, real-world descriptions and participative examples. Our training delegates are encouraged to participate at all times rather than just attend passively.

Our satisfied customers

Our satisfied repeat customers

We run a wide variety of public courses (shown on our website calendar/catalogue) and many in-house courses that you won’t see there. Our central focus is on employers and individual delegates who choose to choose us as their on-going training provider, developing their career with us. Our ASME and API ICP courses form stepping-stones to career advancement for many of our delegates, particularly from the upstream (offshore) and downstream (petrochemical) industries.


Try us for yourself

We are so confident of our customer satisfaction that we offer a no-quibble guarantee on the quality of the courses that we provide. If you have a justified complain about the quality of our course scopes, training material or knowledge of any of our trainers in the subjects we present then we will either put it right or offer you a refund.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer at Wilkinson Coutts Engineering Training