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Who are we?

WILKINSON COUTTS / MATTHEWS INTEGRITY HUB: an up-to-the-minute information mix designed to help you with your lifework and career development in the asset integrity, inspection and NDE industries.

Matthew Petroleum Notes


This lady is bit of a self-styled voice of the people, those people being her employers. You can forget the image of being interviewed by some dusty manager which makes the whole episode like being savaged by a dead sheep. She has better ways of planning and running the interview process and a way of getting to the bottom of a candidate’s technical knowledge, attitude and what makes them tick.

Interviewing candidates for technical inspection/integrity positions is perhaps not the most difficult interviewing job in the world, but there’s a few useful techniques to it. Let’s hear what she says about it; in her own words

About ME

The interviewerAs a self-styled guru in the art of human capital management each day brings a new challenge of listening to candidates claiming to be extensively experienced, motivated, results-orientated, a team player, individually innovative and fast-paced problem-solvers, (at the same time; man, that’s good). Still, it pays the bills and I get to go home at 5 o’ clock.

I can freely admit to not knowing a two-penny bean about NDE and inspection matters but it doesn’t cause a problem. I’m looking for human qualities on touching base, creating new paradigms and caring and sharing .We HR people concentrate on focus and frameworks going forward ,moving our human capital resources up the value chain rather than the ladder of technical knowledge. There’s plenty of that oily stuff around. Anyway, I ask the questions, not answer them.


This worries me a little. Things are becoming so automated with voice recognition, robots, virtual reality and suchlike now that there’ll soon be no need for we highly skilled personnel professionals. Where will it end?

Screening Interview Yr 2020 : A call to the automated screening interview

Call promptly at 1030am…and enter PIN 564643

Good morning valued candidate, we hope you have a good experience in your automated screening interview today. Just say clearly what you are looking for

Helloooo, my name is Marie, I’ve booked an interview for the Senior Plant inspector job XYPLANT95623’

Thank you. What kind of plant inspection job?,flowering , non-flowering (mosses and ferns) or dicotyledon (a plant that produces seeds that develop into two leaves).Just say your choice or tap a, b or c into your watchpad keyboard.

No, no I’ve booked an automated screening interview for the chemical process plant inspector job, the one in Hull

Thank you, Susan. Please wait whilst we connect you to our world wide web internet-of-things…. (tiddledeee music for a while) ….click…Thank you for waiting. Do you mean the Hull in Quebec, Hull Massachusetts, Illinois, or the one near Wombat island, Australia?

No, it’s the one at the end of the M62, near Kingston-on-Hull

Did you say Kingston-on-Thames? there’s not many plants there. Did you mean Kew Gardens?,only 3km away and there’s lots of plants there …press #1 for hotels available for this evening…

Which got me thinking (between human capital development meetings) if it’s like this in 2020, what about 2030? .Read my full article on the future of these exciting new HR interviewing developments in my article Interviews in the world of asset integrity

We warmly welcome THE INTERVIEWER as a contributor to MATTHEWS Integrity Hub:HEAD OFFICE