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Wilkinson Coutts & Matthews Integrity Training

Who are we?

WILKINSON COUTTS / MATTHEWS INTEGRITY HUB: an up-to-the-minute information mix designed to help you with your lifework and career development in the asset integrity, inspection and NDE industries.

Matthew Petroleum Notes

Our Head Office website CONTRIBUTORS

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We are indebted to our five WEBSITE CONTRIBUTORS to Matthews Integrity Hub. At heart they are an eclectic bunch, with different views and skills. What they share however is the history of having actually heard, seen, tried, and done many things related to what they write about. This is called EXPERIENCE and is pretty good at revealing to you how things in this industry are, and how they work, if not always why they are like that.

As long-standing colleagues of ours, we respect their preference for anonymity. After all they have day jobs to do, and it wouldn’t do for their employers, or employees to think they were wiling away their working hours writing website articles when they should be concentrating on the job. If you think you RECOGNISE THEM from your work then we will be delighted to neither confirm nor deny any suspicions that you may have. Click on them to see THEIR PROFILES.

We are SUPERFAST. If you have particular questions then contact us on our email or telephone line. Once we receive your message we RESPOND IN HOURS, not days. We are open 7.30am to 10pm EVERY DAY including weekends and holidays (no, we don’t go home at 4.30pm like the others). Every day means every day; if there is any occasional closure this will be mentioned on our homepage.

Can we help you?

Call us on 07746 771592 or email us at